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Tibial Tuberosity Advancement

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement

An injured Cruciate ligament in a dog is comparable to an ACL rupture in a human. This can only be fixed with corrective surgery. The TTA surgery is the best fix for most dogs undergoing any sort of strain or rupture of this fragile ligament. The TTA procedure changes the angle of the Patellar Tendon by advancing the tibial tuberosity. A titanium plate and spacer is placed within an incision of the tibia which will permanently change the angle of them tendon.

Cruciate ligament diagram

Normal angle of the knee is 115 degrees between that of the tibial plateau and patellar tendon. If the cruciate ligament is ruptured the angle is then decreased to 90 degrees making the knee joint unstable while walking and weight bearing.

Anterior cruciate ligament tear

If your pet is unstable while standing, this will cause lameness and muscle atrophy of the limb. Large breed and over weight pets are at a higher risk even under the best conditions. Regular activity and physical strengthening of the limbs are good measures to take in order to decrease your pet's risk of injury.

Brown Dog

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